First Unmanned Aircraft System


US: Unmanned or computerized electric vehicles and frameworks are currently accessible with UL electrical framework wellbeing confirmation, as UL issues the main UL 3030 affirmation for unmanned air ship frameworks (UAS) to the IntelĀ® Falcon 8+ ramble, an expert, unmanned flying vehicle perfect for assessment and close mapping. Also, UL has issued the principal UL 3100 accreditation for robotized guided vehicles (AGVs) to Dematic, a pioneer in coordinated mechanized store network innovation. UL as of late built up these two security models that attention on the electrical framework wellbeing of the final result with basic wellbeing framework parts, for example, the rechargeable lithium-particle batteries and charging frameworks on-or off-board the item.

UL 3030 and UL 3100 were created to assess, test, and confirm in an all encompassing framework way to deal with guarantee that the batteries, chargers and finished results are secured against electric stun and fire. This incorporates assessing and testing for nook quality, useful wellbeing necessities, engine security and insurance against damage, execution and self-sufficient highlights.

UASs, generally alluded to as automatons, have for quite some time been utilized as a part of military and open security applications and are currently being broadly received in business applications. As the numbers and utilizations of automatons increment, so does the requirement for benchmarks for more secure item improvement and activities. The installed control wellsprings of automatons are ordinarily lithium-particle based batteries that should be ensured against electrical, mechanical, and ecological conditions. UL’s skill with lithium-particle battery and all encompassing framework wellbeing bolsters the world’s advancements of new item classifications before use in mass selection.

“We are extremely satisfied to show the principal UL 3030 accreditation for rambles as UL can add to the quickly progressing and expanding arrangement of UAS innovation. We will keep on working intimately with makers who give important knowledge into the security prerequisites and offer a shared objective for more secure UAS sending,” said Francisco Martinez, UL’s worldwide chief of Energy Systems and e-Mobility.

“The Intel Falcon 8+ ramble is intended for cutting edge flight execution with repetition worked in for security and dependability,” said Anil Nanduri, VP and GM of Intel’s Drone Group. “Our fruitful UL posting of the Intel Falcon 8+ automaton to UL’s 3030 security standard shows Intel’s responsibility regarding safe tasks required for business applications, for example, assessment, looking over and mapping.”


You can now locate public toilets in Mumbai on Google Maps


Searching for an open can close you? Simply keep an eye on Google Maps on your cell phone.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) as of late got done with mapping 3,465 toilets crosswise over Mumbai on Google Maps. These incorporate in excess of 800 open toilets, pay-and-utilize toilets, toilets gave over to NGOs and contractual workers for upkeep, and those at petroleum pumps, state transport stops, railroad stations, government workplaces, and parks.

The application won’t just demonstrate the closest can, yet will likewise give points of interest of the time till which they will stay open. The geotagging will enable you to know the time that will be required to achieve the spot and briefest course, with live movement refreshes.

A senior metro official stated, “We have figured out how to label the vast majority of the toilets. It was a period bound undertaking, and we required it to be prepared before the Swachch Sarvekshan. We had around two months to finish it.”

This is the second time BMC has endeavored to outline toilets for Internet clients. In 2017, the urban body propelled an android versatile application called Mumbai Toilet Locator, mapping 800 open toilets. Still useful, it has over a thousand downloads. As per the city body, subjects’ reaction to the application was low, which is the reason, following up on the Center’s orders, they labeled it on Google Maps.

Another community official related with the venture stated, “Google Maps can be opened on any cell phone and additionally a work area. Visitors who don’t think about the Mumbai Toilet Locator application ought to likewise have the capacity to discover toilets on their telephones. It’s more straightforward.”

As indicated by the Central government orders, all urban communities are commanded to outline utility places, for example, railroad stations, doctor’s facilities, and above all open toilets.

4 things you can do in Apple Maps


Google Maps has Street View, and Apple Maps has Flyover. It’s the best component of Apple Maps. It gives you a chance to take a 3D voyage through a city in a way that closely resembles you are flying over it. It has a VR feel to it since Flyover gives you a chance to container and tilt and stroll around with your iPhone to move around the guide. The element is accessible for many urban communities around the globe; look for a city and you’ll see a Flyover catch on the data board if that city underpins the component.

The overhead view isn’t generally the best plot for headings. In urban areas with tall structures and milestones, 3D view can give you a superior feeling of the lay of the land as you advance from indicate A point B. In Google Maps, you can utilize satellite view and swipe up with two fingers to get a slight 3D see amid turn-by-turn route. In Apple Maps, there’s no satellite view for turn-by-turn route, however swiping up with two fingers gives you a chance to enter 3D mode, where you can see structures in 3D to enable you to get your heading.

In the event that you have a supershort delay and should race to get your corresponding flight, Apple Maps can enable you to make that association. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps demonstrate to you how the entryways are orchestrated in a terminal (and where you can discover the closest Starbucks), yet Apple Maps completes a superior employment of giving you a chance to channel the guide to discover the data you need. For many real air terminals, you can see Terminals, Check-in Desks, Gates, Bag Claims, Food, Drinks, Shops and Restrooms. In Google Maps, the main control you have is to zoom in until the point that you ideally experience the data you are planning to discover.

Google Maps records the momentum climate conditions for urban communities you look for, yet Apple Maps does as such for urban areas and milestones (say, Fenway Park rather than just Boston). It records the present temperature and conditions in a little symbol in the lower-right of its maps. What’s more, you would then be able to tenderly push on the climate symbol to see more data, including a five-hour gauge. Press harder and Apple Maps will hand you off to the Weather application for the full, nine-day conjecture.

Google Maps now shows how long your restaurant wait will be




In case you’re a very late organizer, Google Maps’ latest iOS refresh will now spare your stomach soul. The new element on the application gives you a chance to discover the holding up time at an eatery you may wish to go to. This component, which Google Search presented last November, has been adjusted by Google Maps in the most recent form (4.47) of the application. The application will now tell the client the well known circumstances at the eatery, how packed it is progressively and normal time it might take to get a table as the day progressed.

Like the way Google tracks movement, the application will record the anonymised information of the clients got through their area history to give the constant information and plot famous hours. Google utilizes totaled and anonymised information from clients who have settled on the Google area history. This component will be best for eateries that don’t give you a chance to book a table ahead of time. Despite the fact that this refresh is only for iPhone clients at the present time, Android clients can depend on Google Search until further notice.

When you’re peering toward a late spring voyage through Europe, there are a couple of things to remember. For example, does your schedule cover top attractions and touring? Does your bundle offer customized benefit, notwithstanding when you’re a piece of a gathering visit?

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The refresh is at present just accessible in New Delhi, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, New York, Barcelona, Budapest, Moscow, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Kiev. Adding to the rundown of basic highlights Google Maps likewise empowered a wheelchair available element, demonstrating courses with wheelchair slopes and lifts.

Annotations in maps


Narrating has dependably been a most loved among cartographers. Stories enthrall the enthusiasm of the group of onlookers like nothing else. Pictures, then again, are outwardly engaging and talk a thousand words. Maps, on which nearly our each development depends today, would now be able to consolidate the energy of both to give another importance to information representation. Placing comments in maps is turning into a famous pattern.

Maps enable us to know the ‘where’ of things, empowering us to achieve a goal in lesser time and effectively. While exploring for an area, we are frequently determined by a reason and now cartographers are endeavoring endeavors to make this inquiry and ensuing visits more intentional. By utilizing stories, they are helping us find out about an area. Maps are currently getting bound with intriguing explanations, recounting stories about a place.

The word reference meaning of Annotation is: ‘a note by method for clarification or remark added to a content or graph.’ They have been a piece of outlines since long, empowering the maker to give additional valuable data to the perusers.

Comments delightfully direct perusers to see certain parts of the information that are imperative. They help in adding accounts to control the gathering of people and offer editorial for a realistic. These accounts help the gathering of people to comprehend the symbology utilized as a part of the maps all the more precisely. These stories could be any individual tale about the place including online networking posts.

Cartography achieves another level with comments. Explanations in maps enable the guide producers to give extra points of interest. These points of interest acquire greater clearness in understanding the information on maps, evacuating equivocalness and disarray. On the off chance that one needs to feature a specific point or stress a key message in the introduced information, at that point comments can be of awesome help. These accounts add punch to the guide as well as urge the gathering of people to look at changed information focuses or feature a specific range. Counting content with illustrations, make the designs self-exemplifying and profoundly helpful all alone. Notwithstanding sharing and implanting of these illustrations is all the more reassuring when contrasted with purge designs.